On the Annual Planning Meeting of the National Coordinators  
  of the Partnership Project DIHK-ABC  
  Overview 2000-2006
Project Activities 2007
On February 12th to 14th, 2007 the National Coordinators of the Partnership Project DIHK-ABC made their annual planning workshop at the premises of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The workshop was moderated as usual by the German expert Mr. Falk Olaf Petersdorf, who has known the Project from its very beginning and has always moderated the annual planning workshops.
The workshop was three days, as the first day on 12.02.2007 the new conditions of the Third Project Phase were deeply discussed. The new phase is more targeted towards the Western Balkan chambers and towards achieving sustainability of the Association of the Balkan Chambers after the Project is over. In the past 6 years the Project has established a working network of the ABC chambersí staff and has contributed in implementing the cooperation between them in practice.
The aim of the Third Project Phase is the achieved to be kept and more developed. For this reason a whole day of the planning workshop this year was devoted to those discussions.
In the following days the Project Activities 2007 were elaborated and accepted.
  Pictures of the events see Gallery.