Project Activities 2007  
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Project Activities 2007
No. Activity Where? When?  
  Gallery 1 ABC Project Coordinators Meeting Sofia 11.-14.02.2007  
  Contacts 2 Brochure on Chamber Services of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Montenegro 19.02.2007  
    3 Seminar for companies (+CC staff) on EU Customs regulations  BG, Sofia 26.-27.03.2007  
  4 Seminar for companies (+CC staff) on EU Customs regulations SER, Belgrade 29.-30.03.2007  
  5 Seminar for companies (+CC staff) on HACCP B&H, Sarajevo 05.-06.04.2007  
  6 Seminar for companies (+CC staff) on EU Customs regulations ROM, Bucharest 18.-19.04.2007  
  7 Seminar for companies on Human resources Management with local exert SER, Belgrade 23.04.2007  
  8 Seminar for companies ( +CC staff) on EU Customs and Preferential System and Documents ALB, Tirana 26.-27.04.2007  
  9 Consultancy on Applying for EU Project in group of ABC chambers SER, Belgrade April, 2007  
  10 Re-print of the Flyer for the ABC Portal ROM April, 2007  
  11 Common ABC stand at BULMEDICA Fair, incl. match-making for companies from Germany and SEE BG, Sofia 08-11.05.2007  
  12 ABC GA ROM, Bucharest 18.05.2007  
  13 Seminar for chamber staff Marketing and PR for CCI and ABC (incl. ABC Portal) ROM, Bucharest End of May, 2007  
  14 Brochure ‘’How to Do Business on the Balkans’’ Office B&H Finished by June, to be presented at the ABC Summer School  
  15 ABC Summer school - Topics: GRE 26.-30.06.2007  
  - EU Framework Program for research, what’s in for CC staff and companies  
  -EU External Aid Programs  
  - Advantages and problems in FTAs  
  16 Meetings of the ABC WG on EU Integration, Project Sustainability, Trade Facilitation GRE, connected with ABC Summer School 30.06.2007  
  17 Economic forum on Free Trade on the Balkans MN, Budva Beginning-mid September  
  ( conference)  
  18 ABC Project Coordinator Meeting Gera, Germany 8-11.10.2007  
  19 Training of chamber staff on Time Management On Occasion of NC Meeting 8-11.10.2007  
  Gera, Germany  
  20 Meeting of the IT WG MAC, Skopje End of October -Beginning of November  
  21 2nd ABC GA ROM, Bucharest November  
  22 Send ABC Mission to EU Brussels to visit ABC offices and Program offices, Eurochambres Brussels 1st ½ November  
  23 Training for chamber staff on IPA (Instruments for Pre-Accession Programs) On occasion of EU Visit to Brussels 1st ½ November  
  24 Cooperation Forum for textile, leather, shoe industry B&H, Sarajevo November, in connection with INTERFASHION  
  25 Brochure ‘’Balkan Fairs and Exhibitions 2008’’ BG Finished by November  
  26 ABC System Content Update ABC-wide March - November  
  Initiative with extra bonus Coordinated by LO  
  27 Promotion of ABC in Germany through the CCI network GER, Gera Continuously ongoing   
  28 Internships/Trainings to German CC for a chamber expert from Serbia GER, Gera 1-2 weeks during 2007  
  29 Internships/Trainings to German CC for a chamber expert from Bosnia & Herzegovina