On the seminars on EU customs system  
  Overview 2000-2006
Project Activities 2007
In the framework of the Annual Project Agenda four seminars on EU customs system were planned to be carried out in Bulgaria (26.-27.03.2007), Serbia (29.-30.03.2007), Romania (18.-19.04.2007) and Albania (26.-27.04.2007) under the moderation of the German expert Mr. Helmuth Berndt. Due to the big interest of the companies in Bulgaria this seminar was held twice - in 2006 and once in 2007 with total number of participants ca. 200. In Serbia this seminar gathered ca. 140 participants, in Albania - 45 participants, in Romania - 30 participants. The topic is of essential importance not only for the newest EU members Bulgaria and Romania, but also for the Western Balkan countries.

  Pictures of the events see Gallery.