On the Annual Meeting of the National Coordinators of DIHK-ABC Partnership Project Gera, Germany, 07.-12.10.2007  
  Overview 2000-2006
Project Activities 2007
In Gera, Germany was carried out the 2nd annual meeting of the Project national Coordinators. Each year the national Coordinators of the DIHK-ABC Project, who are also members of the ABC Working group on Sustainability, meet twice once in the beginning of the year, and second time in the autumn. At the last meeting, that was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gera, participated almost every ABC coordinator, except the coordinators from Albania and Cyprus. In the first day an overview of the first half of the year 2007 was made. The activities and initiatives that have been carried out were discussed referring the results achieved, the problems faced, the steps to be done in similar future activities. The development and the update of the ABC portal were also reported and discussed. The future planned activities till the end of 2007 were also revised and discussed. A visit to the Exhibition on German Federal Garden Show, organized in Gera from April till October, 2007, was organized for the ABC coordinators on 11.10.2007.

  Pictures of the events see Gallery.