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Workshop on FP 7 in Belgrade – 22nd October, 2009 -
     Period : 10/1/2009 - 10/22/2009

Belgrade, Serbia

     Details : Part of the ABC-DIHK program, took place on Ooctober 22nd, in Belgrad , the workshop on „EU Funds and Programs”. The seminar was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania was represented by Ms. Daniela Dochia, head of the Chamber System Corporate Image Office. In the session also participated Ms. Jadranka Ariyankovska – Macedonia; Ms. Rania Theodossopoulou – Greece; Mr.. Karmen Vranchev – Expert ABC-DIHK; Mr. Igor Damjanovic – Montenegro; Mr. Zivorad Kovacevic – Bosnia&Hertegovina. The panelists who made presentations were: Ms Marija Marinkovic – Ministry of Finance, National Coordination Secretariat of IPA Funds; Ms. Tijana Kneyevic – Ministry of Scientific and Technologic Development, National SMEs Information Center on FP7; Ms. Marija Sola – Western Balkan Research Center, National Juridica land Financial Information Center on FP7; Ms. Natasa Kecman – Consellor, SMEs National Information Center on FP7