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Seminar on Rules of Origin in Trade of Serbia with the EU and within CEFTA member States -
     Period : 4/22/2009 - 4/23/2009


     Details : The Seminary organized in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce with special reference to metal processing sector is realized with the support of DIHK-ABC Project. Rules of Origin, especially related to the implementation of CEFTA, have been in the focus of engagement of the chambers system and Serbian Chamber of Commerce for few years, both through direct contacts with businessmen and through organized seminars. About 20 seminars were organized together with regional chambers and with the support of SECI project and with the involvement of experts from the Chamber, Customs Administration, relevant ministries and Transped. These seminars were attended by more than 1000 businessmen, said Ms. Snezana Raseta-Pekovic, Senior Adviser with the Board for Foreign Economic Relations of the SCC in her welcoming address to participants of the Seminar organized in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Pekovic spoke about the Forum of CEFTA Chambers established upon the initiative of the SCC. The following working groups were established within the Forum: for non-tariff barriers and technical regulations, for accumulation of origin, agriculture, in line with the subcommittees established at the governmental level of CEFTA countries. The Forum has regular quarterly sessions in one of the chambers of the region and agrees upon all activities at regional level with the aim to improve the implementation of CEFTA. When it concerns the cooperation with the EU, Ms. Pekovic continued, the Rules of Origin gain the importance in 2001 from the moment of application of EU Autonomous trade measures in trade with Serbia, and it would become especially important with the EU implementation of free trade agreement with Serbia. Ms. Snezana-Raseta Pekovic also spoke about the Association of Balkan Chambers (ABC) – international organization of chambers that includes national chambers from ten Balkan countries. The Association of German Chambers joined the ABC in 2000. A partnership Project ABC – DIHK was established. Main objective of this project is building of capacities of Balkan chambers, support to SME, preparation for membership in EU and promotion of intraregional cooperation, as well as cooperation with the EU, and especially Germany. Activities of this project are financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany. Seminar held in SCC and titled “Rules of Origin in the Sector of Metal Processing and Mechanical Engineering in Trade of Serbia with the EU and within the CEFTA member states” was organized with the support of DIHK – ABC Project and under the moderation of Mr. Helmut Berndt, German expert for customs issues. The Seminar included issues on trade and industry globalization, free trade areas and customs unions, preferentials as instruments of trade policy, and details related to questions such as how to apply rules of origin, how to prove the origin of goods, how to apply accumulation rules, etc.

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